BIM Data Suite 2017

This product will work in Revit 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017. Please contact us for pricing and to purchase.

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BIM Data Suite makes it easy to extract project data to Microsoft SQL Server or XML, allowing your team to create a myriad of reports or to integrate Revit data into your other systems.

BIM Data Suite Pricing

Online Purchase (US Dollars)
Standalone license (new): $5,000.00
Yearly subscription (per license): $2,000.00
Total $7,000.00

Additional Purchasing Options

Contact a CTC sales representative

Network activation fee (per license) $2500
Upgrade from previous version of BIM Data Suite (1-3 versions back) $3500

Project Snapshot Exporter

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    Common Challenges
    • Getting data from a Revit project into other
    • Storing Revit project data as the project
      changes over time
    • Consolidating data from multiple Revit
    Solution – Extract Data in Neutral Formats
    • Extract project data to Microsoft SQL Server
    • Extract project data to XML fles
    • Extract project data to CTC Model Compare
    Source of ROI – Return on Investment Realized
    • Your SQL team can easily integrate Revit data
      into your other in-house systems
    • Your team can generate reports from the
      data exported